The Hague (Den Haag)

The Hague (Den Haag) is the third-largest city in The Netherlands, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and it is especially the main seat of the government and home to the Royal Family of the Netherlands.

This wonderful and modern city retains much of its historical charm with important buildings such as the Peace Palace and the Binnenhof. It’s a city full of history, many splendid museums, art galleries and countless entertainment opportunities. The Hague, which is close to the North Sea, is also home to numerous government ministries and embassies, along with the headquarters of several international organizations, including the International Court of Justice.

How can you get there?

If you live in Amsterdam -or you stay at any hotel there-, the best way to go is by bus. There is a company very affordable and efficient called Flixbus through which you can buy the tickets easily and you will arrive in The Hague in half an hour. Moreover, the round trip price is approximately 12 euros.

Let’s see what Den Haag can offer us

The Mauritshuis Museum

The Mauritshuis Museum is an art museum located in the centre of the city close  to the Binnenhof. This impressive building was constructed in 1636 in a Dutch Classicist style and contains some famous works from artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer or Rubens.

Over 800 objects are included in the collection and the majority of which come from the Dutch Golden age. From my point of view, the most beautiful paintings are: Girl with a Pearl Earring from Vermeer, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp from Rembrandt and Apelles Painting Campaspe from Willem van Haescht


The Binnenhof

This huge complex serves as a meeting place for several political groups in the Netherlands including the Ministry of General Affairs. It was constructed in the 1200’s and the history of its origins is not very known. Nevertheless, it soon became in an important place for political meetings throughout the 1600’s and It’s the oldest House of Parliament in the world still in use.

Nowadays you can enter the Binnenhof and admire the stunning architecture and history of the buildings including the fabled Hall of Knights where the Ridderzaal stands.

The Binnenhof
The lake next to the Binnenhof


The Ridderzaal is the central point of the Binnenhof and stands in the wonderful Hall of Knights courtyard inside the complex. The building is used as a place where the Dutch parliament is opened by the prime minister and also hosts royal receptions.

The structure is built in a Gothic style with two large symmetrical towers standing either side of the arched entrance. In addition, the interior of the Ridderzaal is highly decorative with some wonderful stained glass windows and a central ornate throne.

Peace Palace

The Peace Palace is a building for the administration of law and houses several different organizations including the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration . The building was constructed in 1913 with a Neo-Renaissance design and a large bell tower.

The interior of the palace is quite luxurious and contains many fine statues and busts of notable people like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.

Peace Palace

Palace Noordeinde

The Noordeinde Palace is a palatial building belonging to the Dutch royal family and is one of the three official palaces they own. In its early years, the palace actually operated as a medieval farmhouse around 1500.

After this, it was converted into a palace and has seen many different royal owners over the years. In later years the once residential palace, was turned into an actual working palace where the Dutch Royalty conduct many of their affairs of state.

Z_Den Haag06_Noordeinde02
Palace Noordeinde

Now you now a little bit more about the city I really hope you ENJOY and HAVE FUN !!!


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